Spotify Playlists and Forcing Login/Logout

I’m a newbie here, coming from XBMC (OSMC) running on my Raspberry Pi B+ with Digi+ into a NAD C390DD all-digital amp and on to Axiom M80 speakers with sub.

I like Volumio for the web interface and the ability to play from Spotify.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I browse, I don’t see Spotify listed and I think it’s because I’m logged in to Spotify elsewhere.

Also, when I add a new playlist to Spotify, it doesn’t necessarily show up in the Volumio list.

It would be handy to have an icon on the web interface to show the Spotify status, e.g. Green for logged in, Red for logged out. Also, it would be handy to have a button to force login and logout of Spotify.

I hope this is clear. Perhaps this belongs in the feature request thread ??? Sorry …

btw, a Wiki for end users would be nice. It would not need to be large, but could be more informative than the FAQ’s and perhaps avoid many posts like mine.

Thanks for a great product!

This is really a good idea! We’ll provide also a user manual in the future…

Has anyone found a quick (quicker than restarting) solution to the above issue? I did not have this problem until my spotify list grew (currently about 50 albums in five top-level folders).

Thanks and regards,