Spotify playlist not complete


I use the Spotify plugin, so I can view and play my spotify playlist.
This works, but the spotify-playlist shown in Volumio are shorter (a number of songs at the end of the playlist is missing), then the actual lists in Spotify.
This is the case for several playlists.
It’s not just an issue with the display of the playlist, when you add the spotify playlist to the Volumio playlist, the same songs are still missing.

Is this a known issue? Any solutions/workarounds?

(Volumio is V 2.729 on a Raspberry Pi 3B)


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Same problem with Raspberry Pi 3b+ and Volumio 2.773. I can add that when I try to search albums from an artist, several albums is missing


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Yes, it’s a known issue. The Spotify Web API returns a maximum of 50 items per request. We need to add additional logic to either go in a loop and get all items, or add a “More” link that will then return the next 50 items with pagination logic. Afraid I’m too busy to do the work myself right now, hopefully someone else can help out here.

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Is there any upgrade to solve this problem ? This is the same pb on the last upgrade.
I have a play list with hundred of entries and i have only 50… it is frustated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I can only echo this, what can we do to assist?, I would like to cut over to Volumio as a primary media player.
Can we get repo/code pointer/info for the spotfiy plugin (I can only assume this is where the issue exists?)

From there hopefully we can all pitch in/commit?

Hi Simon, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

Feel free to contribute, the Volumio Spotify plugin repo on Github can be found here.

I did a mistake… this is 100 entries ;-(

Does that mean that Volumio only shows a maximum of 50 playlists from Spotify? I’ve sorted a lot more playlists by letter and Volumio stops importing at letter C. I can’t believe it’s true.
The folders in Spotify are not synced either. These are basic functions.
Now I’ve bought a nice Volumio Primo HiFi Edition and can’t use Spotify properly.
It’s very annoying.

Nope this is not 50 playlists. The problem is the number of titles in a playlists.

I did a mistake in my first topic. The number is 100 titles and not 50. This is not a limitation of Volumio but of the Spotify plugin.

You may have more than 100 titles in a Spotify playlist, but the Spotify plugin for Volumio report only 100. There is also a bug: if you zap from one title to another, you have strange behavior.

If you have a big playlist with more than 100 titles. The only way is to split it in Spotify and build several sub-playlists with only 100 titles in.

Hope i am clear now :wink:

OK, thank you for the clear answer. Yes, then I either have to change my playlists or I just use Spotify Connect. But that would be unfortunate for the Superstart license.
But maybe the mistake will be corrected soon :grinning:

[PLUGIN] Volspotconnect2 - SpotifyConnect for Volumio2 - #36 by getshket there is no way to write.

It was the wrong time on the board beaglebone black. The command helped date
Thank you. success