Spotify playlist conflicts with other playlists


I’m using Volumio 1.55 on raspi: really nice overall.

I stumbled across something strange: while I played a Spotify Playlist direct from Volumio’s interface interface (my Spotify Premium account), I wanted to switch to a webradio that is within one of my local playlist.

First (UI issue): Spotify playlist is never shown on playlist list, only on playback panel: kind of stange. Would expect to see the playlist items there.
Then, hitting my local playlist mixed the 2 sources, hearing a (weird) combination of both Spotify and webradio!..
If I stop my local playlist (shown in playlist panel), I hear Spotify alone again.
If I re-hit my playlist: mix again…

Any fix planned or will this be for Volumio 2 ?
BTW, it would be great if Spotify could be seen as a playlist, which would allow to have it put inside an autoplay command…