Spotify Playlist bug?

Hey guys, I’m brand new to this - like I’ve owned a raspberry pi3 for like an hour. I managed to stumble onto Volumio and I love it in theory but if I open up spotify and select a playlist - I have an issue where it won’t play the whole playlist, just the song I select. I’d love to not need to pick a new song everytime one ends. So far the only way to make this happen is to add a long slew of songs to the que. Is this the only option now? This is less than ideal as it makes switching playlists difficult. Thanks for the help!

I’d also like to know the answer to this, as well.

as always, a little more info would help :wink:
What version of Volumio and which platform?

– Gé –

Instead of selecting the image of the playlist, select the menu in the top right hand of the image (three stacked dots). Then select play and it will play the whole list. Unfortunately, if you want to look inside the list and see what it contains, you have to select the image instead of the three dots. If you like what you see and then use the back button, it does not take you to the previous page, rather it goes to the main Spotify menu. Further, your original search text is still showing active in the search window, but it is really not active. You must delete it and re-type to make it active again. I run RP3 with Volumio 2 (early December, 2016 release) with a Allo Kali / Piano 2.1