Spotify playback seems to suffer from buffering issues


I’m using volumio 2.041 on a rPi2 with Hifiberry DAC+ and rPi0 with pHAT DAC. Both installs have issues with playing spotify.

The rPi2 can play Spotify with sound but is suffering from buffering issues so it seems (100/100Mbit Ethernet connection on a 100/100 Viber internet connection). Streaming from Synology NAS and WebRadio works flawless.
The rPi0 can play Spotify but without any sounds (unable to hear buffer-underruns…) and the playlist is not emptied when I choose a song from my NAS to be played opting for ‘Clear and Play’ when a spotify song was playing (reboot resolves this). Streaming from Synology NAS and WebRadio work flawless.

What can/should I do?



Here same problem playing Spotify on a Raspberry-3 with Volumio 2.041. Playing music from USB without problem, but Spotify is not an option due to the stuttering.
This was not an issue on Volumio v2.001.

Hmm, strange. My wife seems to fixed it :smiley:
I came home yesterday and Spotify was playing as usual!

What is it she had done… Mine is playing fine as well now. Thanks! #mysteries