Spotify on Raspberry pi

Hi, I’ve been using Volumio on my Raspberry pi 3 with a Hifiberry dac (analog out) as a streamer for my stereo system. Around the middle of last year, spotify stopped working properly on my Volumio. The genres and other directories were not working and I could only play music by using the search function, which was annoying so I cancelled my subscription. I’d just like to ask if the issue has been fixed in the latest version of Volumio?

Just an update, yesterday I flashed my raspberry pi with the latest volumio available. In the UI, 2 spotify plugins were available, but both would not even show in the home page after installing and rebooting. The spotify plugin made by volumio asks for the login details and connects but doesnt show the spotify logo after. The plugin made by Balbuze doesnt even ask for login details.

Is there a way to fix this? thanks

That is as expected - the Spotify plugin, allows you to browse from the Volumio UI, whereas the other is a Spotify Connect plugin that allows you to control your Volumio device from other Spotify clients.

When you say the spotify plugin is meant to be browsed from the Volumio UI, it should show up in the home screen right? I’m sorry if I’m mistaken, I’m not really tech savvy. In the old version of Volumio I installed around 2 years back, Spotify showed up in the home screen but now I can’t find a way to access it. thanks!

Nope, not quite. Spotify doesn’t show up in your browser window (like accessing directly in a browser), but should appear in your ‘Music Library.’

Edit: there is currently a problem with SSL certificates, which hopefully should be sorted soon. You can tell that the plugin has been properly installed, because at the end of the installation you will be asked to authorise the plugin.

ok got it. I will wait for an update on the plugin and hopefully that fixes the issue for me. Thanks for the help!

This should be working ok now.

Just an update: spotify already appeared on the main menu after installing but playing music has been hard as the stream is intermittent. For some reason with my internet subscription, I can stream 2 TVs on 4k using Netflix but have a hard time with 320kbps spotify haha. I will try to flash my SD card again, maybe htat would fix it.