Spotify not load any content

I have install Spotify plug-in and login to my Spotify account successfully. but after I try to browse to Spotify content, it take some time to load and nothing show up in the window. What did I do wrong?
This is what the problem look like.

Mine is RPI 3b+ with latest Volumio version (2.882).

Thank you for all answer

Please do not say “latest”, but mention exactly which version.

Well certainly your screenshot shows us nothing of any use. Do your Spotify playlists etc. eventually show? Do you have a ‘Spotify’ source displayed on the left hand side of the browser?

Sorry, My volumio version is 2.882

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Nothing show after that, just only blank screen like that.
Yes, I have Spotify source on the left side. and I try to go through that. but it only show the loading bar and nothing show on the right hand side. as the attached.

Could you reboot, wait for everything to load, then repeat what you did (to reproduce the issue)
and send some logs so one of the devs can take a look?

How to: system logs

I will try on Sunday after I back home.
Thank you for you suggestion.

I have tried to re-flash the new Volumio several time, tried many problem possibility eg. logout every Spotify in other device before setting the Volumio Spotify plugin etc.
the problem still present.

Here I attach the system log for more information as ashthespy 's suggestion.

Anyone could help? Thank you

Logs begin at Fri 2020-11-20 19:43:40 UTC

Ah, how did you turn back time? :smiley:

I don’t know what happen, I have just got system log and post it right away. :thinking:

Are you able to use ssh.?
You can then set the date to 2021, which would probably fix your certificate issues.

You might also have a DNS resolution issue. Try setting your DNS to or in Settings>Network tab, and reboot to see if ntp works and the time is automatically updated?

The incorrect datetime settings might be your problem. This causes the Spotify access token to be evaluated as being expired. See also: