Spotify installed and active but then Volumio not playing


I’ve installed and activated “Spotify 3.0.3” and “Volumio Spotify connect2 1.0.5”.
Both are activated, I can see and browse spotify but volumio is not playing.
I cannot play either any radio or my music files.
I did sevral reboot…
Any ideas ?


There is a version 3.0.6. out, that is working (at least for me) without issues.
Uninstall v3.0.3 - reboot - install v3.0.6. - reboot then it should work


Hi Josh,

I’ve installed 3.0.3 'cause it was the only one proposed on my web GUI.

Did you installed 3.0.6 with SSH and a Github ? (what I did for “Volumio Spotify connect2 1.0.5”)
Volumio Spotify connect2 1.0.5 and “Spotify” modules are both mandatory to run Spotify? aren’t-they ?

No, 3.0.6 is available from within Volumio. In any case, best to follow @Josh2000 's advice and remove all Spotify plugins, reboot, then install the latest plugin. I would add, do a final power off and power on after the install.

I have reinstalled volumio (mine was quite old) and indeed, i have 3.0.6.
Radio are ok now and mp3 also but still not spotify.

Do you have “Volumio Spotify connect2 1.0.5” installed ? It is not avaliable in the GUI, do I have to install it through ssh to make Spotify working ?

Ok I have it working now.

So solution for me was

  • install the last version of Volumio to have Spotify 3.0.6
  • enable the spotify plugin (no need of Volumio Spotify connect2, so I don’t what is it for…)
  • put the log/pass of Spotify Premium account and connect
  • Open a web page connected to spotify other thant Volumio (that was the point I didn’t undersatood…)