Spotify inactive

I made a new install of 2.001 today and installed the new Spotify plugin but it keeps saying inactive also the save button seems not to work. I don’t get any feedback if I press it

Thanks for any help

Please wait at least 5 seconds after pressing save…
Was it working before or its the first time you use it?

First of all thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: I wait everytime, I already know that it needs some time. It was working with 2.000 but I installed 2.001(not as OTA) today and now it’s not working anymore

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Are you using spotify on another device in the meanwhile? (your phone, another volumio, your PC?)

If that does not work, I will try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin… Let me know

I have the Spotify application on many other devices installed but I didn’t play any music at one of them. Already tried that, but no success. I think I will just re flash the newest version tomorrow and see if it works. Just wanted to ask here because I thought maybe I missed something.

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Same problem for me. I downloaded and installed yesterday the new volumio version. The Spotify plugin keeps saying inactive and the save button seems not to work on my Raspberry pi 2. I tried to reinstall the plugin but i didn’t help. Spotify application is on my other devices but I don’t play music when i try to activate. Until now I was using the volumio 1.5 version and spotify worked well.

Have you an idea to solve the problem ?

Thank you

The repo containing the required file was down yesterday and maybe today. Thus installation plugin fails. Retry later…

@balbuze Is it the same for your plugin?

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Yes… It is on the same repo… but maybe it’s ok now… I can’t check

So Spotify is working now fine, but @balbuze

Do you use the version from yesterday? I added a message when download fails.

Yes, I use the version from yesterday, it is a different message than yesterday. Yesterday it said “failed to download” and now it just says “Error ok”.

I had the same problem, but realized that even though the Spotify plugin appears as “inactive”, the plugin does work. “Spotify” appears as an option under “Browse”, and I can access Spotify music. So, all good other than the plugin appearing as inactive.

Prior to discovering that the plugin actully works, I tried the following to make the plugin appear as active:

  • shutting down other browsers/apps logged in to Spotify on other devices
  • reinstalling the Volumio plugin