Spotify folders

Dear Volumio,

Fantastic new release, congrats team and thank you!!

My playlists of Spotify do not show the folders. The old volumio had that and that was great. Would it be possible to also add that to this release?

Thanks again,

Hi Erik, at this time it’s not possible. The Volumio 2 Spotify plugin is based on the new Spotify Web API, which is fantastic, but does not offer any support for folders. It’s an open issue right now:

If you try out the Spotify Web-based player ( in a browser instead of a native Spotify app you’ll see it also expands the contents of folders into a single column, as it’s based on this new API.

Should Spotify add folder support in the API we’ll immediately add it into the Volumio 2 plugin.

The good news is that the new API is feature rich and will allow us to create a much better Spotify user experience. After a stable release of Volumio 2 we’ll let you browse your saved albums, artists, tracks and should be able to create a cool Spotify Radio like feature as well.

Hello, will it be possible to download the songs for offline use (Spotify premium subscription).



Hi Mario, no, only apps created by Spotify have the ability to do that.