Spotify connect2 plugin is not working

Hi, i have installed spotify connect2, however i can not get it working. I miss the place to enter credentials.
How do i proceed?

If multi user is enaabled, you don’t need credentials. Use your smartphone or pc with the official Spotify app connected to the same network and you should see your volumio device

thx for the fast input. I thought i can control my spotify account through volumio UI

in this case, you need to install the other plugin “Spotify”

i understood that the difference between the two plugin is that one is for the free account and other is for the premium account

You are right, it works now. What caused some confusion is that connect2 says in the install window that it requires premium account. Thanks again

no at all…
Volspotconnect2 spotify connect is to listen Spotify on volumio using an other device running the app Spotify
Spotify, the other plugin allows to play track from spotify as local tracks, using Volumio UI

got you thanks again