Spotify Connect2 - Autoplay


Loving my little HiFiBerry with Volumio, but have one little issue I can’t seem to figure out. Currently am using the Spotify Connect2 plugin to stream Spotify to my HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro via iOS. If I play a track, and nothing else is queued, the autoplay feature will not start. The music just stops and I have to select a new track, or album, or playlist instead of the autoplay feature kicking in. The feature is turned on in the settings. Any ideas?


If it’s just a single track, then that is expected. The autoplay needs to have a few tracks for the suggestion algorithms to work. Quoting Spotify’s official docs

When you reach the end of an album, playlist, or selection of tracks, Spotify will automatically play similar songs so the music never stops.

N.B: Do bear in mind that is all reverse engineered, and while we attempt to keep things as close to the official client as possible, we do miss a few things :wink:

Thanks - I tried a playlist and it did keep the music going after the playlist ended, but stops if you play an album. A workaround is to create a playlist of the album and play that instead of just playing the album directly. I can stop worrying about my settings. Loving the plugin - nice work!