Spotify Connect2 Audio Quality (issue?)

Hi All,
I would like to share with my concern regarding audio quality using this plugin. I have Spotify Premium with Stream quality set to “Very High”, so according to support page here means 320kbit/s but in the playing area I can see very very bad different values of 44.1 KHz at 16bit
In the plugin settings area I have 320 as shown below

What I miss ? There is a further setup ? Honestly the audio don’t seem so bad, so I can’t understand if it is a “false bug”.
Just to complete the info, see below:

  • Latest Volumio version (and the latest plugin version which is actually the 1.0.5)
  • Raspberry 4
  • DACBerry Pro+ (from OSA Electronics)

Many thanks in advance for your support

You are confusing the bit rate (320Kbit/s) and the bit depth (16bit) here.
But then again, the bit depth is kinda moot as the source is Vorbis (lossy codec) that technically has no bitdepth…

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Hello @ashthespy you are right, probably I wasn’t so clear. I wouldn’t link 16bit with 320kbit/s, the point is why I’m seeing CD quality ? In Spotify I tried to change the source quality to “low” and the shown values are the same (of course hearing a lot of difference). So as you correctly said, probably the values aren’t significative.

Well, to be honest, bitdepth and samplerate was the metadata information the API seemed to ask for, so I plugged in the values.
But then again, these values are not really useful as the Ogg stream from Spotify is always decoded to 44.1KHz/16bit PCM audio.