Spotify Connect2 and web radio problem

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.779
Hardware: Raspberry PI 3
DAC :using a ucontrol uca202 spdif out into optical input of amp (so my amp is doing the conversion)

Hi, Devs thank you for volumio its very cool! I wonder if someone can help with an issue i am having.

I am finding an issue when switching between web radio and spotify connect. I have the latest version and the spotify connect 2 plugin installed via the web ui.


Open the spotify app on my phone and connect to the volumio spotify connect server. Hit play, everything plays fine.

Go to web radio and start playing any station. Station plays fine.

Go back to spotify connect, hit play (still showing connected to volumio in spotify client), the song does not play, disconnect and reconnect to spotify connect, hit play, song still does not play.

From this point onwards spottify connect is inaccessable until i restart the PI.

I have noticed that if i gracefully disconnect manually from the spotify connect on my phone before starting the web radio and then stop the webradio stream before attempting to reconnect spotify connect then the plugin continues to operate.

However this is less than ideal as while i may remember to do this it is highly unlikely the other users of the server will remember to do this.

Also my feeling is the experience of switching between sources should be more seamless than this and perhaps something else is wrong.

I have searched the forum in advance to see if there are reports of similar issues but was unable to find this specific issue.

Any help in diagnosing this would be greatly appreciated.