Spotify Connect: strange behaviour in app


since a few months I experience a strange behaviour with Spotify Connect and Volumio which does not happen if I use Spotify standalone or with other connected devices. I regard it as a bug because it only happens while connected to Volumio.

If I have a song in “full screen” mode (which shows visuals or the album cover) on the iOS app playing and I press forward, the full screen mode is minimized and I see the playlist. With every other connected device it does not behave like that. It would just stay in this display mode and not switch to the playlist view. To me this behaviour is very irritating because I do not like the playlist mode while listening.

Anyone else experencing this too? Is it a bug or can it be fixed by myself?

Thank you.


Volumio Version: 2.806
Hardware: RPi 3 B+
DAC: Allo BossDAC, Allo Relay Attenuator

I have the exact same problem with the Spotify connect app, all other streaming devices don’t have this problem.
also two of my hi-fi friends have the same problem on volumio.

I am using the Android Spotify application.

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Are there no news here? I would really like to see this fixed.

This is a liberspot issue with the way playback notifications are handled. I noticed something similar on Android where hitting next would take you back to the playlist view. I tested a fix for it, but I don’t think I got around to publishing it though.

I’m a bit preoccupied these days, but shall try pushing a few things and building a new version in some time.

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Hello ashthespy,

sounds good! Great to hear that you have an idea how to fix this issue. Btw, I also posted this issue in the Github site of ballbuze’s plugin.

So if liberspot is fixed will then the plugin automatically be fixed as well or is there some manual updating to be done?

Thanks in advance.


I’ve confirm the fix works for Android with a test build (been running it for a few months actually :neutral_face:), but haven’t found the time to actually push stuff and get a new VLS build. When there is a new VLS build, you should be able to either run a quick script to update the VLS daemon, or wait until a new version of the Plugin is released with the appropriate daemon version bump.

If you are even more in a hurry, you can use my test build (for the armv7 pi) that I’ve been using. Make a backup of the current vollibrespot in /data/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2/ and copy this over there. There shouldn’t be any other breaking changes… (3.9 MB)

Great, thanks alot! I will try that tonight! Cool! :smiley: :+1:

Found some time to push some updates, v0.2.2 is out :slight_smile:

You can grab it either by manually editing the vollibrespot.version key in /data/plugins/music_service/volspotconnect2/package.json and running the script again, or wait until @balbuze releases a new version in the plug-in store :slight_smile:

Just tried it out. It works! Thank you for the fix! :blush: :+1:

thanks for the update, it works fine again :smiley:

I had a similar issue. It seems to work now. Thanks!