Spotify Connect signal drops

I am using Spotify Connect with MiniDSP SHD preamp which uses Volumio for streaming. The interface works great but the signal will not hold consistently. Sometimes it will hold for an hour. But usually 3-10 minutes. When it drops the signal you just press the “select device” option and select minidsp again and it will work again. Until it drops again. So clearly the technology works but something is causing it to drop the signal.

Any suggestions? It’s really frustrating.

Could you share some logs?

Either a link to a full debug log or a quick snippet from the /dev page using the livelog feature or via ssh.

# Volumio logs
journalctl -f 
# vollibrespot logs
journalctl -f -o cat -u volspotconnect2.service

Note you might need sudo before these commands depending on the version of Volumio your running