Spotify Connect Plugin (old-volumio login with winscp)

I have installed volumio on my py2 and want to install spotify connect.

In order to do so I need to copy files to a directory using winscp.

The problem is I can’t get access with winscp using root, volumio.

When I use this username and password directly on my py with a keyboard loggin in goes ok.

what can be the problem?

you have to use volumio as usr and volumio as passwd. Root login is no more allowed.
May I suggest you something ? I wrote a plugin, not finished yet but fonctionnal to use spotify connect easily. Just download only the zip file on your computer from the directory . In volumio go to plugin, upload and drop the file here. Refresh the page to make new plugin appears. You will need a spot app_key to be place in the go folder. Please read (in the same directory) . Let me know. :wink:

Thank you very much for your help!

As a hardware engineer all this software stuff is not my strongest point, to say the least.

Of course I have some more questions and hope you have the time to assist me.

In the github repository I miss the download or clone button. How do I get the repository as a zip on my computer?

One other question: I am unable to connect my Synology NAS as a music source.
Tried a lot of things, googled a lot, but still no succes.

The ip address of my nas is, which I set in the appropriate field. Path is set to /muziek.

But no luck, it will not mount.
When I type \diskstation\muziek in explorer I get access to the files.

There is a file called Clic on it, and a new page will open with a download button on the right side.
For your NAS, remove the /, so path is just “muziek”

working now.

please could you tell me if
NAS is working
Spotify connect plugin is working
Or both !

Both are working.

Spotify connect worked straight by only installing the volumio 0.976 img. Guess everything is already included in the image.

I can stream straight from spotify to Volumio.
This is a perfect solution.

Next step is installing the DAC and building it all in an old speaker.
And find a solution for the 2.4GHz wireless streaming. So much interference with neighbouring networks.
Have to install a 5GHz wireless dongle, since the pi3 only supports 2.4GHz.

Thanks for this great project.

Maybe you mean that you’re using airplay… And that allows you to stream to Volumio, right?

Don’t know if it is airplay.

I use Spotify on my Iphone and select Volumio as output source. Is it Airplay I am using here or spotify-connect.
If it’s Airplay, is that in the package by default?

Either way, I don’t really care since it functions.

I also have a 7" raspberry pi display connected to my pi.

Is it possible to use this display as a Volumio browser window on the pi?
If so than you would have a stand alone solution that is possible to stream Spotify content and play NAS stored music content.

@micheangelo : this is not airplay… I suggested @eagle to test the plugins I wrote for Spotify-connnect…

So far everything works perfect, without installing any additional plugins.

Ok. If you haven’t installed a plugin it’s airplay. Even if for you it seems the same, the way it works is different. With airplay your device (iPhone) send the stream to volumio. The battery of your phone is used as it plays the music. With Spotify connect your phone act as remote to say “play this stream”. You can power off your phone, music will continue to play.

HI @balbuze,
thanks a lot for this tiny cool plugin :smiley:
Just a question: do you have to select the Hifiberry digi output in a config file?
I have sound only with the hdmi output.

The plugin use auto detection for the output. Try this : in setting playback choose hifierry as output and save. Then go in the plugin and save. Let me know.

Balbuze, unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore :confused:

  1. It worked when I installed your plugin mixed with this solution, but I had only sound with the hdmi output
  2. I did a fresh install of volumio and your plugin: I don’t see “Volumio” anymore in Spotify (Mac or mobile, same network)

I noticed an error at the end of the installation process (on a fresh volumio install): “The folowing error occurred when installing the plugin: Error: Plugin volspotconnect already exists”

I know that sometimes the plugin fail to install, and I don’t know why. Sometimes it installs after the 2nd or third time.
It is not suppose to work with something else than Volumio. The idea is that you install, configure (credentials etc) and play. It is still not finished yet, but I never tested it with a hifiberry, but I have a idea of why it don’t work (probably due to the lack of mixer with hifiberry). But I can’t test because the hifiberry like DAC I own is on a RPI B and spotify-connect can’t work with it (arm V6) as it is done in the plugin…I have to work on it… Sorry

Hey don’t be sorry!
Thanks a lot for your time and effort :wink:
Let me know if you want to test future releases.

Works great. Thanks!

I’m probably forgetting something, but I can’t get it to work. Steps I took:

  1. clean VolumioConnect image
  2. downloaded and installed the plugin
  3. set up user account (Spotify premium) and device name VolumioConnect
  4. Registered an app key on Spotify site using the same app name VolumioConnect
  5. copied the binary key file to the Spotify-connect-web folder (no rights set)

The plugin stays inactive and cannot be found by Spotify clients.

What could be the issue and how can I get more audit info?

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What is your dac ? If you have a ssh access you can try with /data/plugins/music _service/volspoconnect/Spotify-connnect/ and paste what you get (path may be not exact as I m not able to access my RPI now.