Spotify Connect not connecting to Volumio

I think balbuze wants you to get this type of logs

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Here is the log, thanks! I only use Spotify, so my alternative is to skip Volumio, but I would be happy to pay for the plugin or to make it work!
Thanks in advance from Copenhagen

I posted the log. If you or anyone can make it work, I will happily pay 100 USD to make it work. My alternative is to buy an external DAC.

please disable the plugin Spotify.
Spotify connect can’t load file.
Do you have have Spotify non free account?
Do you use shared device in plugin settings?

thanks for reply.

I have factory reset all of Volumio.
I have a paid Spotify account.

I have only installed the Spotify connect plugin.
If it is set to “shared device” Volumio is greyed out in Spotify and says “cannot connect”.
If set to “private user”, it spins though songs and does not work.

However, after I facoty reset it, I also reset the Spotify password. However, now it keeps saying “wrong password or username”. It is the username (not email) and password as set in device password in Spotify.

Again, I am happy to pay to make it work. I love my DAC hat and I have screen and Volume control ready :slight_smile:


For me Spotify Connect is only working with the VIRTUOSO activated device. I am randomly using Spotify, thus I sort of remember is was working on all my devices untily the last or the last but one Volumio 3 version.

Spotify connect for Volumio is NOT linked to Myvolumio account. It is based on a fork of librespot, a free implantation. :wink:

Yes I believe that’s the aim, but obviously NOT for me :frowning_face: and some others folks in this thread.

Seriously, I checked more than one time, with all the hints, cheats, ON/OFFs and reboots from above. No way to make it working. The devices name is showing up in the Spofity app, connecting, connecting, … and falling back to the original output device. That’s reproducable for all of my three devices. You are the expert - anyhow something stops the show.

you’re connecting to the correct instance of Volumio? Every Volumio instllation here spits 2 connection.
Only the latter seems to be working, most of the time.

Still it’s not foolproof:

  • after pause, I need to change the output and change it back to Volumio in order to have a connection
  • Spotify connect stops on random intervals, so I need to repeat the first step