Spotify autentification token


I’ve installed Spotiff connect2 and started to connect to my premium account, but unfortunatelly, when I’m trying to connect to to generate token, the browser: connection has timed out. how can i solve that? I have checked I have excellent internet connection.

Sorry, I don’t understand

How do you do that? Spotify connect just needs to be enabled, and you connect to it via the Spotify official app.

thank you for the reply, I’m following instructions provided here:

" Now go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins on Volumio and activate the plugin, putting in your Spotify Premium account credentials. On the third line, where it is asking for your Spotify refresh token, click the “i” icon to the right of the text field and you will see a line with the URL ** . Go to that URL in a separate browser window, authenticate with your Spotify Premium account credentials, and cut and paste the Refresh Token into the field on the Volumio Spotify credentials screen. Hit the Save button.|"

probably the issue appeared because of server is down, could you please notify when it is back?

The server is up! It should be ok now!

thank you, it works like charm :slight_smile: