Spotify 2.0.2

I have updated to Spotify 2.0.2.

Login in works fine. I am then presented with authorize.

Every time I click authorize, then Volumio reboots. I am stuck in a vicious circle.

How can I authorise Spotify 2.0.2 or manually work around?


what is your system ? x86 or arm?



Also cant authorize.
RPI latest build.

I have updated to the latest Spotify plugin too.
I get the message “You must specify a valid list of scopes” when I click Authorize.

Anybody know of a fix for this?
Thanks in advavnce

Please disregard, it’s fixed after a second reboot. I’ll leave this here for other young players.

Works for me now with the latest update 2.687.

Gaahh!I was to fast with confirming that.
I had an crashed SD card and used an backup ISO and burned a new one and uppdated Volumio then updated Spotify.
Nothing there so revert to the old one here: