Spopd.conf gets overwritten

I had problem with Spotify playing too fast on my SoundBlaster x-fi 5.1. I made the change to /etc/spopd.conf as mentioned in this thread: Spotify: Playback too fast - Volumio Development / Bug reports - Volumio

It’s working fine. But it leaves me with another problem. At what seems like random point in time, my modified spopd.conf gets overwritten. It isn’t a generic version since both my spotify_username and spotify_password is the correct ones. Does the plugin update itself and is there a solution to avoid it. It is a little annoying to have to manually copy the spopd.conf and reboot at randomly times.


Yes, it is overwritten by the plugin.
Make your change in


to make it permanent :wink:

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although my directory is /data/plugins/music_service/spop I’ll guess it will be this one. Just for curiosity: what is the correalation between those to files. When is the content of the template file applied to the /etc/conf file?

and THX much for the answer

Yes your right for the path. When you save value in the plugin, it use .tmpl as model, replace parameters ${~} and save it in /etc