Spontaneous reboot/restart since last update


Since dowloading and installing the last update (version 2.852) I encounter serveral times per day a spontaneous reboot/restart of Volumio (om my Raspberry PI4). I am not sure of the whole pi is rebooting or that (part sof) Volumio are rebooting. I’v noticed this behavouir during playing spotify tracks AND listing to webradio station. But when Volumio seems to be restarting I am not able to ssh into the device.

What can I do to solve this problem or to determine what is happening?

Hope to hera from you soon!

Grtz Fred

Addition: with the command "uptime’ I was able to see that the the pi was rebooted! (uptime < 5 min)

Is your power supply fine?
What devices are connected to your RPI (DAC, usb HDD)?
No sleep mode enabvle ?
Other plugins installed ?
Other tweaks ? Software installed ?

You can connect to Volumio via SSH and watch the output of

sudo journalctl -f

for suspicious entries.

Of course the connection to Vollumio will break when the reboot happens, but you can still watch the previous output of journalctl in the terminal window where you had opened the SSH connection.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Is your power supply fine?
==> yes: de official RPI 4 powersupply. no under voltage errors/warnings seen

What devices are connected to your RPI (DAC, usb HDD)?
==> Only the ADAfruit USB DAC

No sleep mode enabvle ?

Other plugins installed ?

  • System Information 0.1.3
  • Podcast 0.2.0
  • Spotfiy 2.0.2
  • Volumio Spotify Connect 1.0.5
  • Backup & Restore Data 0.7.2.

Other tweaks ? Software installed ?
No, nothing extra installed.

Can you apply what @gvolt suggested?

I am running the command en looking fot “abnomal/unexpected info”
None “abnomal/unexpected info” yet…

Yesterday no errors.

But I have made a clean install on another RPI 4B another SD card. . Just to be sure it is not related to hardware. I’ll keep yoi informed.