Split albums in library display

Hello All, first time poster here.

I run Volumio Beta 3.152 on my Raspberry Pi 4B, connected via USB to a Devialet Expert 120. My music is stored as wav files on a 2 TB Samsung T5 connected to the Raspberry Pi via USB 2.0. The sound is just about great, enjoying it to the fullest!

I have one issue, though, namely that some albums split into two, with different tracks contained on the split album. As an example appended is ARTEMIS’ album. One particularly bad example is where each track is split into a single, identical album.

Has anyone had the same issue? If so, feedback is greatly appreciated!

Best regards

Hi sailor, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

I’ve just been (eventually after putting off for years) doing some maintainance of my music library metadata using MusicBrainz as the backend library for comparisons, and have found it to be quite user intensive sorting out albums because there are just so many versions of an album & the individual tracks they contain. Not all of my albums fit in with MusicBrainz’s listed versions either.

Back to your question :wink: … I know Volumio uses Music Brainz too (the reason why I was working with it), so perhaps the album selected isn’t actually the one that you have in your library. Note, I don’t have a solution, just an observation. There are many more people in this Community, who are passionate about their libraries & metadata. Let’s hope that they can offer you (and me) more useful advice. :thinking:

Thanks for your input, @chsims1!

It is definitely a tagging problem. I managed to merge a split album into one. I realised that it was split because two tracks had an additional artist (featuring …). That was enough to split it. Another one was mislabeled in one track, and, of course that led to the splitting.

To me it looks like Volumio is much more sensitive to tagging issues than other players. I come from Roon and Audirvana. All those files never had a problem in the two players. I guess I have to go back and have a serious look at my tags! For the moment, I am using exclusively WAV files, but those cannot be tagged in a simple manner. I do have a backup of previous AIFF files. I’ll see tomorrow if those are better suited for Volumio. And those are tagged exclusively with MusicBrainz.

Also, one thing that occurred to me was that Volumio seems to remember previous partitions of my SSD that are physically not there anymore, but I still see them in Volumio. It might be some trace left behind from formatting the SSD on a Mac mini. Perhaps, I need to look into this.

In spite of all this, I very much like Volumio’s sound.