Spelling Mistake "wish"

Not sure where to post this and it’s not a big issue but it’s been around a while and hasn’t changed in the the last few updates so I thought I’d point it out. When opening Volumio on my iPad I get the message “Select the device you whish to connect”. Wish doesn’t have an h after the w :blush:

Also one short coming on the Dutch version: ‘‘Sources’’ should be ‘‘Bronnen’’

@Vennesch it’s handy to know in what version you found your typo …foutje bedankt :slight_smile:

A version of about 5 months ago. I fixed it my self and uploaded the files to Volumio, the new translation files are included since then. Graag gedaan :slight_smile:

ach ja, ik ben ook bugs chasing aan het doen het nieuwe spelletje op volumio :slight_smile: :joy_cat: