Speaker-icon functionality


I like to know for what is the speaker-icon on the bottom-right corner of any browser-site (in the middle on tablet)? Not the icon for the volume.

Is this a feature to connect the airplay-receivers? And when, how can I enable this function? When I hit this icon nothing is happened.

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If you have several devices, you can see and select them from here

Thanks balbuze,

but I can’t confirm that. I have Volumio installed and working on my raspberry. Also, I have a “clint freya” wireless speaker. These speakers support AirPlay and DLNA. But I can’t select this speaker with this icon. When the mouse is over the icon the mouse change from the arrow to a not allowed/not available icon.
What I have to do to select my wireless speaker?

I mean Volumio devices :wink:

Volumio support AirPlay, or not? In my situation I have to use ready made speaker where I can’t install Volumio. Is there a chance to drive these speakers with Volumio from a raspberry?

It has nothing to do with air play. It is just that if you have several devices using Volumio on the same network, you can remote them from here. It avoid of changing IP address to change the remotes device.

So, Volumio is a closed system when used as a multiroom system?!

And how can I stream the Volumio-audio to the AirPlay-Speaker?

Volumio behaves as an airplay speaker. The airplay feature is enabled when you have a subscription to Myvolumio. This basically allows you to stream audio from an iPhone or iPad to your Volumio system. I can stream to two Volumio systems in my house from my iPhone XR simultaneously. Album covers and song data are displayed on the Volumio screen.

Yes, but the multi room features has nothing to do with airplay or myVolumio. It is the ability to remote several Volumio devices from the same page.