Spanish RNE streams

This is so annoying… The Spanish national broadcaster RNE has changed the streaming (again), and now I can’t find links that work in Volumio (2.118).

For instance, in … ream3.m3u8, which works fine in my linux box with “mplayer”, but when I try to set this URL for the web radio in Volumio, I get decoding error messages, sometimes it plays for a few seconds but then it stops.

Any ideas? Would an upgrade help?

It seems to be working here with a Sparky SBC & Volumio 2.282, BUT there were intermittant breaks of about 1-2 secs for some reason.

The URLs listed here ( … aming-web/) work, but those seem to be mp3@128 and possibly 3rd-party streams (hosted by, so I’d rather have the m3u8 streams working properly.