Source code talk and tinkering

Let’s tinker together Volumio’s source code:

Who’s first?

(jake, know you’re there :wink: )

Thought I have found gold here… =(

only the webUI has content? I was hoping for the full distro so that I can help do some development, specifically adding support for rtl8188eu wifi dongle :smiley:

I’m committing in this moment… But github get’s stuck while uploading… :angry: :angry:
Expect to find it soon!

Hi, I have a raspberry and beaglebone black I can use for testing. Are there any automated tests/unit tests that have been written? and if so how are they run?

Well… there are no automated test… We use humans… Reliable old humans :smiley:
Apart from joking, what do you want to test?
I think you have both bbb and pi, did you tried them? What are your opinions?

Hi, I’ve only had a chance to get my RaspPi up and running, but with the the new 1.1beta it’s sound pretty good!.

A few comments regarding testing and such…

  1. For testing I would like know how do I create a Volumio image?
    a. Is there a script that does this?
    b. If so, can we put this script in github?
    c. if not, let’s make it! let’s starting with a list of dependencies and configurations.

2 . It appears that the Volumio-WebUI includes a web app as well as system settings.
a. … /etc/nginx
b. I think it makes sense to split up the web app and the OS configs, having one repo for deploying the base system, and one repo for the app.

  1. I think low hanging fruit for automated tests would are:
    a. Validating responses from mpd during playback
    b. Validating adding items to the index
    c. Validating adding web radio station works
    d. Validating that adding and removing tracks from the playlist works

  2. I think #1 and #2 should be higher priority than #3.

I would also like to see the script that produces a Volumio image starting from a Debian R-Pi distro.

Volumio is built from scratch, it is no more a stripped Raspbian. And I don’t have any script, I just do it little by little… I will publish a how its made article on that soon!

Better than that, a script to do that automatically! it will save you time too.
I also used to do that on my server but now I tend to write short articles about what I do, so that I can replicate it again in the future.

Sorry if this comes across harsh,
but the fact that the code is not yet available and apparently the current build process is manual, makes it hard for others to contribute.
Having a manual build process is unnecessary work and is error prone… my 0.02 €

Oh Hey!

So my first thought on the source code is… the CSS is messy as hell :unamused: . Running the Chrome profiler was :open_mouth: a shock to say the least. Volumio wants to target small embedded devices. The less bits to send to a browser, the better.

Ok on to my plan of attack:

  1. Update Bootstrap and Flat-UI
    []I want to integrate some Bootswatch themes (even user contributed themes!).
    [list=a]This will take some work. No in-line CSS in the HTML etc… I’ve got a very simple jQuery script to change out the CSS on the fly. :nerd: The minimum requirements for theme switching to work with Bootstrap/Flat-UI; is a CSS file to hold the special placement hacks, and colors that will stay the same. panels.css is a good candidate but let the background color be set in the bootstrap.css file, this is the file that gets changed out when the theme changes. Check out to test it out!. I can try to explain more if anyone wants.
    :m][]Enjoy the themes! :laughing: [/:m][/list:o]
    I know the task of cleaning up the CSS will be a big task, but the performance will be worth it. And come on THEMES!!!

:question: :question: :question:
Is there any plan to add plug-in system? So users can install the extra features they want like Pandora Spotify, themes :mrgreen: etc… When they get created that is :wink:

I don’t understand. Are you proposing to take care of that part? That would be super, so that Michelangelo can take care of the lower-level tinkering.

Yes that would be a great great helping hand… I’m currently redesigning the OS (and creating scripts), recompiling mpd 18.1 with upnp support… That’s quite a time-consuming task… (and unfortunately I have very little free time…) :wink:
Let me know how can I help you

My apologies for not making that clear Lag-na. Im currently digging through the code and working on what I proposed. A lot has changed with Bootstrap 3. Michelangelo do plan on adding anything to the WebUI anytime soon?

Im not promising anything, but i am working at it.

Yes, I am adding some more functionalities to the webui: hostname editing, upnp capability and some minor touches here and there…
However I will update the github repo as soon as I implement every functionality, so you’ll be able to spot the differences… So, don’t worry and take your time, if this comes it will be a nice present, if it doesn’t we’ll still be friends ! :smiley:

Awesome I like new features! :laughing:

As a professional software developer, I’d love to help Volumio, I love the idea and client/server separation, and I love high-quality music.

Other than Volumio-WebUI and linux repos in github, why are the others empty? What does Volumio need to run on the server-side, are there any dev instructions to help understand all the moving parts? Any advice, or a wiki ?

I’m just setting up a proper repo… Yes, there is a rootfs and some commands to prepare the webui to function properly… I’ll document them soon…

Cool, I’ll watch out for that.

Yep, I’m currently building the distro for Cubox-I … it will feature minor bugfixes and shairport output selection… quite messy on that point lol… After that, repo and documentation!