Sounds brighter - 2.729 just installed

Hi, i installed Volumio 2.729 onto my PI to replace a nov release (dont recollect number probably 2.6xx) and to my trained ears it sounds much “brighter” ie has a higher level of some upper midband sounds.
I am using PI 3B+ fitted Allo Bossmini into denon rcdm40dab, wharfedale diamond 10.1 (and sony sub often not turned on)
I listen to this system in my kitchen every day, invariably to radio paradise main mix, sometimes mellow, flac. with tone controls on flat.

I have a history with hifi as i used to sell linn, naim, quad, meridian etc, and now spend my time tweaking my 3 systems, although my kitchen setup has remained unchanged for months hence my surprise when it dawned on me that the sound was different last night (no alcohol involved)

I messaged my friend who has a similar setup in his kitchen and its also his impression that its “brighter” anybody else heard this?

Interesting, and interestingly enough from last november release to this one, the kernel (the only thing that might affect sound) has not changed. Did you have other plugins installed?

Hi, the only plugin i use is radio paradise and since my post i realised it could also be flac source changes. i will look into this. thanks PY

Critical listeners on other forms (hi-fi/audiophile) report Volumio sounding worse as the versions advance.
They claim that earlier versions tested back to back with current versions reveal the later releases sound worse.
There are also claims that MoOde sounds better than Volumio.
I’m unsure about this.
It’s too hard to quickly test A-B since I need to shutdown, change micro SD card and retart to make a comparison.

Hi. I can do this job. Using 3 or 4 same volumio devices at same time (all with aroioDAC).
Which version should be interesting to take?
my recommendation.
volumio-2.246-2017-07-31-pi.img (284MB as zip) )vs.
volumio-2.461-2018-09-25-pi.img (263MB as zip) vs.
volumio-2.729-2020-03-18-pi.img (385MB as zip)