Soundcloud support

Can you add Soundcloud support, please?
I listen to my music with Soundcloud but no music player for the Raspberry Pi has Soundcloud support (exept Mopidy). :frowning:

Mopidy has SoundCloud support:
It works quite well.

BUT I’d really love to see Soundcloud support in volumio, too!

Hello, any news on that feature?


SoundCloud support would be great!


Yes we really would like soundcloud support


soundcloud content producers can export track as podcast

so it can be reached as podcast on url like

where USERID is the user Id on soundcloud you can discover via this online tool

or manually by yourself … sounds.rss

To get the user id of a user, navigate to their sound cloud page in your browser. Right-click somewhere on the page and select “view page source”. Then search (CTRL+F) for “soundcloud://users:” the user id is the number in that soundcloud url.

example soundcloud User Bristol Festival of Ideas reachable via
post it’s content via this podcast url … sounds.rss

So would w use that info with the podcast plugin? I’ve never used that plugin before.

Yes if the soundcloud content producers export track as podcast, you can use the volumio podcast plugin.