Sound stopped with squeezelite

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Raspberry 3b
DAC: Hifiberry DAC + ADC pro

I was streaming to several squeezelite players simultaneously including the volumio one. It was working fine. I disconnected from the squeezelite players and when I went back to volumio later to use squeezelite again there was no sound. After looking through settings I saw that the squeezelite audio setting did not show my sound card. I tried restarting multiple times but it still didn’t see my card. Then I tried a different program card in the raspberry to make sure the DAC was working. It was. Put volumio back in and it still couldn’t see the card. I had to re-install volumio from scratch and then the card was seen.

Any idea how this happened? Thanks.

updates can go wrong, but i think you have to update or doesnt it use lms?