Sound quality and external drive mounting

I am fairly new to volumio and tasted it with Volumio 1.55 on my pi2 with a pifi dac. It was a brilliant sounding setup for sure, plus was able to configure kodi as well as transmission on top. Last week after a lot of effort and linking I have rebooted my pi2 with the latest volumio 2,with kodi 16.1 compiled for debian and feel the sq has dropped between volumio 2 vs volumio 1.55.
Earlier volumio 1.55 beat kodi hands down for flac/mp3s and I was hearing a lot of extra notes, esp playing the same file over volumio with dac vs kodi over hdmi. However now since upgrading to volumio version 2, v0.976 I feel there is no novelty left and the sound quality has dropped and on par with kodi .Basically I feel the sound quality of v1.55 was better than v2 .I do notice the system has slimmed down a lot, but has something changed in the audio department too?

Also with volumio 2,the external hdd is mounted as /mnt/USB/Seagate Backup Plus while with volumio 1.55 it was very conveniently mounted as /mnt/USB that made it very easy to play around with daemons like transmission which just don’t work now with the hdd name coming into picture. Can this be reverted back if possible.