Sound@home kills Volumio. Everytime.


first of all - thanks for the step from Raspyfi to Volumio. The new version eliminated most of the problems I had with Raspyfi (NAS, WiFi). Great!

There is, however, one weird problem that has been giving me a lot of pain for the last few days. One of the reasons why Volumio seemed so very attractive for me was its multiroom capability in connection with the Sound@home app.
But: whenever I try to configure Sound@home to control my Volumio install on a Raspberry, it causes Volumio to crash. This happens when I tell the app to connect via Wifi, type in the WPA key, then it tries to connect forever. In this process, Volumio goes down and does not start again, can’t even be pinged. As far as the Raspberry LED indicate, it seems to try to restart but goes down immediately (only red LED on, nothing else). Restarting it manually by removing power does not help at all, it just won’t start again.
The only way out for me was to re-flash the SD card again and start from scratch. I tried this several times, the result was always the same. Also, tried different Android devices, this didn’t make any difference whatsoever.
Really frustrating… For now, I just keep my hands off the app, but sometime soon I’d like to be able to go multiroom.
Has anyone else experienced the same problem, does anyone have any idea on how to tackle the issue?
Thanks, have a very nice Christmas, Uwe

Please report this problem to Diego, in the source code talk.
You can however configure the wi-fi via the web ui and then connect with sound@home. This should do the trick. Let me know


thanks for the reply. I’m not quite sure whether I understood you correctly - but I think I did exactly what you suggested: First I set up Volumio, configured WiFi and NAS via Volumio’s web interface. No problem at all, worked like charm. Then, after making sure that Volumio as such runs smoothly, I tried to connect Sound@home to Volumio, with the results mentioned in the first post.
Is this what you meant?
I’ll report the problem to Diego.
Thanks again, have a good time, Uwe