Sound@home - Android App for multi rooms and other

@digx: Hi, the problem seemes to be solved.
Just when i start it directly from my lockscreen (CyanogenMod) it crashes.

Hi Erl,
I saw the report you sent via Google and I think this could be related to Cyanogen.
Could you please send me a screenshot of the lock screen from where you are trying to launch the app?
If you are able and could send me the android log it will be very useful to understand if I can fix it in some way.

You can send all to:


Hi, I haven’t used your app as I don’t have an android device however I love the idea.

How do you handle the multi room synced play? Does your app simultaneously start a song for multiple devices or is it handled another way?


Hi Mikie, not yet.
The App doesn’t simultaneously start a song for multiple devices yet. It’s planned for rev 2. Currently I’m trying to optimize the multiroom App with different song for each room. Current version is the beta version and I’m now receiving and collecting all the feedback from the Volumio community and I will start soon to fix and improve the App to release the first non beta vetsion. After that new feature like synch music will be inserted.
If you have patiente you will see it :wink:


I already posted this in the troubleshooting section of the Volumio forum, Michelangelo asked me to address Diego directly - I do hope this here is the right way to go…

Let me jus quote the original entry:

Any idea how to fix it? I’d really love to be able to use Sound@home, it does look very promising.
Have a nice Christmas, Uwe

Awesome. One more question. How are you sending the commands from the app to volumio. Is there a http api or are hacking it together as you go?

Hi uk63, something is going wrong in the wifi configuration. In order to try to understand where is the issue could you please let me know if you:

  1. configured the wifi starting with LAN connected?
  2. did you tried to configure via LAN? It worked via LAN?
  3. if you can ssh could you post the /etc/network/interfaces file contents before and after configuration?

Have nice Christmas!

Hi mikie, I started with Raspyfi studying how it worked and after a first draft of the app I got in contact with Michelangelo to start to work together since some add-on were needed to co-work with the App. So we started a collaboration.
I confirm the app works fully only with Volumio to give users all Volumio options and advantages.
Any new features is and will be published according with Volumio features.

Could sound@home work with older phone (like Samsumg Galaxy SGH-T589R Android V2.2.2)? Would be nice…


I love the concept of multiroom music, I have 3 Pi’s and the app works.

Having major issues with the UI (User Interface), hope you can get some help on this:

  • Graphics are scewed
  • buttons are not useable
  • it is only landscape mode, feels really strange for a phone
  • background images clutter the buttons/sliders
  • In general: It look like the grapics are made on a Amiga (respect), my girlfriend is not a fan of this old school style and refused to use the app :cry:

Thanks for all the good work!
Hope you find someone the help you, if I can be of any assistance, please let me know

Screenshot form Galaxy Nexus

Hi harmsel,
Thanks for sharing such info and screenshot.
I have many feedback and things to improve, especially on UI side as you also noticed. Unfortunately, but you know better than me I think, Android phones are not like Apple and we have many models with a lot of different displays, resolutions, density. I’m not able to test all the models but thanks to your and other users feedback I can have info to improve it. Unfortunately I need some time since I’m moving apartment so I don’t have so much time to spend currently on the App :frowning:. But on January, after the holidays I should be able to resume my work and release a new version with many fixes :wink:
If you want to suggest different UI you are free and I will appreciate, you can write me at

I wish you a nice evening and happy new year!


I installed volumio on my Pi and it’s working fine.
Now I tried to use Sound@Home, but the App is not detecting the Pi.
Is there a way to manually configure the connection?

What could be the cause? I changed nothing on the volumio default installation, and it’s connected to LAN, with DHCP enabled.
Also I tried 2 different phones, no luck.

Thank you,

Just a quick setup of new design for Music@Home.
Let me know if this is an improvement to everybody.


Idea is to use the panel (left top) to link to:

  • player (current state)
  • playlist
  • databas
  • webradio

Top right button will show the settings:
like select room, add devece, add nas etc

Title Sound@Kitchen, will show the current room (your given name)

It is now lo-res, just being a preview, the idea is designing for the older phones and adding more space between the buttons for big screen smartphones.

If anyone likes the style please let me know.

Happy new year all

the automatic recognition is something seems not working in some specific cases but I still am not able to detect when.
However for who the automatic configuration is not working you could use the “debug” manual configuration.
Please consider this configuration will not change the Volumio configuration as in Automatic configuration but you can use it to set info for the App.
This was used only for debugging but as one of Volumio user suggested (thanks Flavio) maybe is better to disclose to everybody:

Just keep long press on the room you wnat to manually configure and follow screen request (room name and IP address).

Thanks for your proposal it’s very interesting. Let’s see the community feedback.
I appreciated a lot your proposal and feedback. For me the idea of top left/right buttons is very good while for the general UI I would more try to rech something different from all other already existing mpd player for Android.
I preferred landscape mode to have better space organization for the users and also to ave different UI from others.
But new UI proposals is appreciated so let’s prepare dedicated UI with all the community together in order to introduce needs and feeling of everybody :wink:


Maybe because I’m using 192.168.178.* instead of the 99% default 192.168.1.*?

Ah, yes, the manual configuration worked, only had a few crashes of the app while wild clicking around on the icons. :slight_smile:

Hi Snoozel,
Thanks for your feedback!
No unfortunately ip address cannot be the issue. We are using avahi protocol to know the device current ip, so it can be any address.

Which page is crashing clicking around the icons?


It crashed/hung during clicking a few times onto the mixer icon on the right.
But it’s an old HTC Desire (yes, the first series) with a custom rom, maybe that’s instable.
I sent a crash report with Android, but don’t know if this helps.

Maybe another source for trouble with autodetecting: IPv6. If I ping volumio.local it’s answering with a IPv6 address.
I don’t use and I don’t need IPv6 in my local network, and maybe older/custom Android versions can’t handle IPv6.

Yes, IPv6 is not supported by sound@home…

I also like the idea of making something different from the existing mpd players. I like the design as it is today!

Any other feedback about UI?
Want to change or keep current and improve it?