Sound Hifiberry amp2

Hi, I have a question, I use a hifiberry amp2 with raspberry 3 b + and volumio. the system is actually quite ordenlich, a trifle I would have there but still, if I have the volume at 15%, the sound is extremely quiet. is this normal or can I still adjust this somewhere?

thanks and best regards

Ha, no answer from the experts I see. My experience is that the sound below 35% is unhearable.

Every room/speaker combination is different but with the same amp2 and RPi I typically listened at 20-30%. That was with Runeaudio and 8 ohm speakers. Then I switched to Volumio and 6 ohm speakers with lower sensitivity. After that volume was usually at 40%. Hardware volume control in both cases.

Power supply is 19v recycled from laptop. Some people use 24v.