Sound Card or DAC on PC (x86/x64) + PeppyMeter

I am new to volumio. I had a spare HP 6200 desktop pc so I installed volumio on it (I dont want any solution suggesting raspberry pi as I don’t want to purchase one). Now, I want to install sound card (internal not external) on that machine and add peppy meter plugin. I have the following question:
Does volumio supports all major sound cards and play them automatically.
What If I install an external usb sound card, would it be supported by volumio.
Do the 5.1 sound cards work as stereo cards
Finally I am in love with peppy meter but it doesn’t work without touch display plugin which is not available on PC version any help in this regard would highly appriciable
(Please note that I don’t want to purchase very expensive equiptments and make may way using the existing with as cheap as possible purchase and also it is difficult to get equipments in our country, Pakistan)

Yes, most of them, but only the 2-channel stereo part is relevant, even when the card is a 5.1 channel device.

Yes, Volumio supports most USB Audio Class 1 and Class 2 devices.
In case you need DSD capability, a Volumio 3 beta version would a good starting point.
This will give you support for ALL DSD capable devices which a manufacturer has registered with the linux usb audio driver maintainer (see All major manufacturers meanwhile have.

This development is done outside the Volumio core team, the peppy meter plugin is a community development.
Best to locate the thread in the development section and ask the plugin developer directly