Sorting source search results


I don’t know if it have been asked yet but, as i’m using Qobuz, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, MixCloud and my local NAS as sources, i would like to be able to choose in what order the result are displayed.

For now, when i’m searching for an artist, answers will be in organised in that order :

  • Local NAS
  • Bandcamp artist
  • Bandcamp Album
  • Bandcamp Track
  • Mixcould shows
  • Soundcloud Users
  • Soundcloud Album
  • Soundcloud playlist
  • Soundcloud Track
  • Qobuz Artists
  • Qobuz Albums
  • Qobuz Tracks

But Qobuz is my main source, the first i would like on top of the list (Qobuz Artists), then Bandcamp Artist, then Soundcloud artists etc…

Maybe is there an existing pluggin to order this already ?