Sorting order in playing queue sometimes not correct

I am running volumio 2.309 (x86).

In some cases, not always the tracks are sorted like this, 1, 10, 11, 2,3 and so on when loading a complete album (folder).

I have looked into the tags (Mp3tag program), but cannor find anything.

When sorting by artist or album seems to me it shows up first the content on the internal storage 1-9 and A-Z and then the content on an USB or a mounted NAS again as 1-9 and A-Z. It is not clear to me whether this is intended or not. I could imagine that showing both contents as one database 1-9 and A-Z would make more sense … at least to me.

I am talking about the sorting order in the playing queue, that is somtimes not in tracknumber order!

Ooohh, I see now.

No one?

I can jump in here with no solution, but I too am having this issue. I thought it was just a bug that alphabetized tracks when adding an album to the queue instead of using track order. I was just waiting figuring it would be fixed in an update. Today, I figured out it is only certain albums that do this for me. I assume it has something to do with the metadata, but I cannot find anything consistently different between the albums that lay correctly and the ones that do not. It happens both with single disk albums and with multi disk albums with both disks sharing the same folder.

Two albums that show up alphabetically are Dark Side of the Moon and Wish you were here. If I just add all Pink Floyd to the queue, it lists the tracks in two groups, by album, but each album is alphabetized. For another artist whose albums queue correctly, adding an artists’ entire collection queues correctly if the albums each have their own folder.

It seems to not matter whether or not the meta data includes a disk number. It seems to not matter if the track number has a leading zero.

As I poke around a little more, it seems like everything I ripped using abcde plays fine. Everything I ripped using foobar plays alphabetically. So clearly the problem is in my library, but can anyone suggest where to try and fix it?

I just found another one that plays back out of order, but not alphabetically. Keith Jarrett Koln Concert plays in this order.

Part I.flac
Part III.flac
Part IIa.flac
Part IIb.flac

Track numbers are the order of I, IIa, IIb, III. Track numbers were without leading zero. I edited them in Foobar and rescanned library with Volumio. Seemed to have no effect.


Well, I think I fixed my problem. At least I fixed in one folder. We’ll see if it fixes the rest later. I edited the songs to add track numbers to the beginning of the filenames. I had not noticed this difference before since my foobar is set up to truncate off leading track numbers when displaying names.

As I said, it seems to have fixed things. I’ll mess with it more tomorrow.