Sort Album library by Album Artist and Artist

I would like to be able to sort the album view not by the name of the album but by the artists, so tha all Albums of one Artist appear one after another.


---- Abba - Album 1
-----Abba - Album 2
Black Sabbath
---- Black Sabbath - Album 1
Deep Purple
---- Deep Purple - Album 1
---- Deep Purple - Album 2
and so on…

hi Krachonkel,

i have a smart fix for this:

login to the linux-console via putty or something else
and then edit the file /volumio/app/plugins/music_service/mpd/index.js
and search for the following line:

self.clientMpd.sendCommand(cmd(“list”, [“album”,“group”,“artist”]), function (err, msg) {

and change it to:

self.clientMpd.sendCommand(cmd(“list”, [“albumartist”,“group”,“album”]), function (err, msg) {

and some lines below search for:

var artistName=lines[i+1].slice(7).trim();

and change it to:

var artistName=lines[i-1].slice(12).trim();

after this save the file index.js and restart the volumio service with:

service volumio restart

ps.: i am also still working on the albumcover problems, so that the covers will be taken from the folder.jpg files inside the music directories.


Thanks for your post. But I don’t understand what to do exactly…