Hello, I have a sonos system. Is it possible to integrate a system a sonos or as receiver or transmitter? Kind regards

I don’t know if this fits your requirements but connecting the 3,5mm Audio jack of the Raspberry to the 3,5mm SONOS input could solve the task.
Then you should choose the ALSA in Audio Output on the Raspberry.

In General SONOS and Volumio are totally different concepts.
Volumio costs less but generates better results (According to my listening experience…)

OK but that’s not what I’m looking sweats. My speakers are wifi … I do not know their protocol reconssaince their equipment but it would be nice to be able to addition équipement or connection with RaspberryPi.

i am still not sure what your intention is.
As mentioned: Raspberry with Volumio and sonos are two completely different technical concepts…

Maybe you find a way here to find what you are looking for: … ing-begin/

I get your point that Sonos and Volumio are entirely different things, but i wonder could they work together, like as a way to get higher resolution audio onto the Sonos? if Volumio could show up as a “Music Service” like Subsonic does, then might this be one way? Or as a DLNA/UPnP server?

Volumio itself is some sort of Sonos, a wireless music box/streamer. This would actually be silly to do. Sonos has Spotify/local integration as well, so I dont actually see why you would like to have this anyway. Best I can guess is the collection of services Sonos has, but Volumio is still under development and lots of services will be added in the future. In the future you will be able to easily add your own support for x service as well.
Volumio won’t be integrated in Sonos as a service anywhere soon (if ever) as well. Best thing to do is link the 3.5 jack together

This is an option. There are plenty of options to include this in your Volumio box, just google a bit around, shouldn’t be too hard to get this up and running.