Songs don't play in order

I’m using the latest version of Volumio as of April 16th 2022. Like all the other versions I’ve used over the last 9 months. it doesn’t play songs in the order they show on the screen, i.e. the order on the album. I almost always select the albums from the music library option, then select an artist, then album, then the first song. After the first song plays, some other song on the album plays, but it’s like the player is in shuffle mode. There is no predicting which song will play next, but it’s rarely track 2. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Correction, I meant to say I select the album I want to play in this order. Music Library, Artist, Album, song 1. Not that I think that would make any difference as I would expect any method I use to select a specific album would then play that album in track order.

I had similar and shuffle stuck on - couldn’t seem to remove it!

Pressing the shuffle symbol seemingly did nothing to remove the shuffle setting.
After many presses, it did change to play in line as the playlist was listed.

Another problem I have -
the bug in V2 and earlier V3’s, where you select a track in a playlist manually and the next track down the line is played instead - with V3 251 it’s now 2 tracks down the line - dooh!

This big surfaces after some time in use 20mins? 30mins?
Hard to say what triggers it.
Once present, it’s there until you restart.
But sometimes it will behave and play the track you select - random! 2
It then will happen again at some point in the listening session.
Very odd!

I pressed shuffle off and on several times and now tracks are playing in order. Thanks.