Song Title Display

I am curious if anyone could help me figure out why some the music files I play in volumio display the artist, song name and album normally as shown in the attached picture while some only display as: path: 2-01 Tom Tales.m4a.

I thought this may have been an issue with these specific files not being tagged right but when I viewed them, they seem to be fine in that aspect. The other thing that all of these files have in common is that they are all AAC files while the ones that work are MP3 or ALAC. could this have something to do with it?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I have exactly the same problem. m4a files which were originally created by iTunes don’t have any metadata whilst MP3 files are fine. The metadata is there if I look at the files with ffprobe.

Any pointers to how to fix this would be very welcome …