Someway to add webradio?

I would liek to add a few webradios, unfortunately i dont have a url adress to a m3u or pls file.
Is there still a way to webradio station?

I have pls files that works if its possible to add it localy, but where on the volumio should i place it?

I think this can help :slight_smile:
Search and click on IP address you found… then copy address in Volumio web radios menù…

The radio station that i want to listen on isnt connected to shoutcast.
Also, if i get the URL for my radiostation and add it to my radio station, it wont start and later says “cant connect …”

I can however make a .pls file that plays the radio radio station that i want, so i was hopping that i could just copy paste that file onto volumio and be done with it. :slight_smile:

I think that is not correct past the http url… i add radios using IP…
Is better wait for an Admin answer…

I guess you add the URL to the .m3u .pls file or something like that.
The adress that i have is like this, and yes, its the entire adress:

That adress i cant play useing the browser, but if i kame a .pls file and add this url there, it works like a charm.
Thtas why im hopping that i can add the .pls file to volumio since that works while adding the URL only doesnt.

You can try this metod to find the URL from TuneIn

Thats exactly what i did :slight_smile:

Is it still a problem when using the URL from TuneIn ?
What channel is it you try to add ?
You ain’t trying to add any .pls / .m3u files or ?

Yes im trying to add the URL from tunein, which is this “http://[ip]/rock_se_aacp”, i only hid the IP but thats the entire URL.
Since adding the URL didnt work in volumio, i thought that i should add a .pls file instead, which contains the tunein url, which actaully works on my PC and laptop.

Om det är Rock klassiker du vill lyssna på så prova

Here is an URL table from

and from