Something is terribly broken in Volumio 2

I’ve used volumio for a while now, no major problems, except from the webinterface sometimes not really working as expected, but in the end everything worked after some retries. Yesterday I installed Volumio 2 on a Pi 1, and sadly nothing is really working. Changing to a static IP from the webinterface made the Pi go offline, connecting a monitor and keyboard to the Pi I could figure out, that the Pi simply stopped connecting to the local network. The configuration json file was correct, no wrong IP, netmask or gateway.
I set up a static IP in the interfaces file manually, after rebooting I was able to connect to the Pi again. But then volumio was in the local network, but was not connected to the internet for some reason, streaming and pinging (e.g. google) was impossible. Using the webinterface to do volumio do its own thing on network stuff destroyed the network settings again to being completely offline.
I have no idea what is going on there, I guess the webinterface does stuff it shouldn’t do. For me volumio 2 is completely unusable.
I will use an older Version of volumio instead, or go back to simply installing mpd on raspbian.


Have a look here: volumio-976-how-set-static-rpi-t4442.html

try to use version 0.928, the 0.976 did not work for me.

Might have to do with a RAM issue if using an old Pi.

Yes, there is a known issue with recent releases running on older Pi’s with a smaller amount of RAM. Here’s a thread discussing it and a workaround for now: