Something I noticed on version 2.861

I am brand new to Volumio so maybe this has been discussed already?

I am assembling a radio for my wood shop using standard off the shelf components with nothing special. (No fancy electronics design nor custom software changes). While waiting for more parts to show up (thanks for such prompt service Amazon - Not - Grrrr!), I decided to try setting up a small USB thumb drive to contain a few CDs.

I followed the instructions from the documentation to the letter but Volumio would absolutely not find my media. I even used the Volumio ripper and stored the data directly on the SD card. But still Volumio would not find it.

I got to thinking and realized one of the first things I did when initially installing was to log into it via ssh and run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Somehow in the upgrade process, something got overwritten that prevented it from being able to access any locally stored media. I solved the problem easy enough by just reinstalling the SD card and NOT running the update.

Since this caused me a couple hours of frustration trying a myriad of formats for the USB stick to no avail, I thought ya’ll might like to know.

If you are a UN*X nerd that is new to Volumio, forget Volumio is really a Linux device and just use the provided GUI for doing any updates/upgrades!


Never ever do a apt-get upgrade on Volumio.

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Yeah, that is a lesson I will not soon forget! :grinning:

@Michelangelo: wouldn‘t it be a good idea to block this command by Volumio OS ? Many others also bricked their system by doing so, asit is usual on other Linux OS‘s.

Not a good idea to block it, would be better to dissuade it.
Here is quick POC I whipped up…
PS: Click on it to view the gif if it doesn’t autoplay…

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Please do not block the apt-get command as I needed it to get vi. (I HATE nano with a passion.)

While we are on the subject, it would be nice if you added fdisk back in. It is not the end of the world, but having to format a SSD on a different system is a pain. (Just one man’s opinion.)

Oh no, that would be a big step backwards in my opinion. My idea is instead of a blanket block, warn the user, and then proceed if they really want to…
The PoC just warns when you run the upgrade command, so normal operation should be fine. A lot of plugins need to install additional packages, so you needn’t worry, apt-get won’t be blocked :slight_smile:

You can install it as usual (apt install fdisk), no need to go to a different system?

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Ash I totally second your approach! Let’s do it :wink: