Someone should test newest update on RPI + HB DAC+

Some time ago I tried Volumio on Raspberry Pi 1 and loved it. Ordered RPI 3 A+ and HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro. Today downloaded newest Volumio (volumio-2.672-2019-11-29-pi.img) and suffer some issues. YouTube playback stuck on 1 second, most of radios stopped working. Flashed SD card with Volumio twice and run everything twice from start and these problem still exist. Then I found old image file of Volumio (volumio-2.668-2019-11-14-pi.img) and flashed it, then all starts work as previously on RPI1.
So it looks like newest Volumio is corrupted somehow.

Ps. Happy to test new releases in future on spare SD card with my setup.