Some ?'s re: Pi3/Hifiberry and Volumio 2

Hi folks,
I’m showing my noob-y-ness here but I’m hoping these are simple questions with equally simple answers.

  1. Is there a “guide” to using Volumio? I see a section in the forums, but no real guide per se. True, the interface is so (ahem) intuitive that little needs to be said, but perhaps I’m missing some things.

Like - my Volumio shows up on my iPhone (6s) as an AirPlay device but once selected, nothing plays.

The first time I booted the Pi with Volumio installed and it was working, the web stations were populated with a great many entries. All have disappeared. Is there a simple way to refresh the list?

Is there a way to configure sound - i.e. a mixer? I know I’m approaching deafness but the sound is not great, even from my (brand new) AudioEngine 5+.

Oh - since I’m running it headless in my front room - is there a way (short of popping into the office and connecting monitor/keyboard) to access below the UI? I’d like to disable the Ethernet at least.

The UI is awesome and I love the product, I’m just wondering where I’m going wrong. I’d sure appreciate any help or pointers.