Some help to start develop

Hi guys!

A week ago I discovered this project and I loved it. Now I want to see if I can make some improvement to the code or customize some aspects of Volumio UI (the web part of Volumio).
I installed Volumio in a raspberry that I have here to test from the official image and found that part of the code (html or js) is minified.
I thought that github would find the development files (uncompressed) but it seems that also are minificados.
In addition, I have files in the raspberry that I can’t find in github, for example, the file:
volumio /http/www/scripts/app-3df9754636.js is not in any of the branches of, I am not even able to find the http/scripts directory.

I’m sure I’m looking in the wrong place or branch.
Where I can get the files system development that I have installed, without compression?


If you read carefully the , you’ll see that webUi is compiled when you use it in volumio. All the code is on github. You can dynamically use this code on your system using gulp serve. should help you.

Yep, balbuze is right, the scripts you see in the deployed UI are compiled from the source you found on github.

The folder nesting is quite self-explanatory and you should be able to find your way trough it, if not feel free to jump on gitter chat for questions.
The best people you can ask to are apinner and kurtommy

Thanks for your help!
I’m not very familiar with node, gulp and these stuff, so… Now I understand a little more and with this information I go to researching for my own.