Some DSD files not recognized by Volumio Library

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First time post, long time reader.

Anyone has encountered this before. I’m using Primo with volumio 2.779

I have some DSD files that are not recognized by Volumio and they are parked into a nameless album in my Album library.

I have 3 dsf and dff albums parked here but most of my other dsf collection can be recognized.

My naming convention for these files are for example -
Folder Name = Cure, The - Disintegration
Filename = 01 - Cure, The - Plainsong

Another example -
Folder name = Steely Dan - Aja
Filename = 01 - Steely Dan - Black Cow

But strange thing is I have many other DSD albums that work. More than the 3 albums exception an this is an example of something that works -
Folder name = The Police - Synchronicity
Filename = 01 - The Police - Synchronicity I

I dont see any difference… Any comments or advises are appreciated. Thanks!

Load the odd ones up in MP3Tag or similar software.
They probably have missing tags, Artist, Album Artist or similar.
So the appear in folders by themselves that aren’t physical folders.
DFF can’t have tags, need to be DSF.

Thanks for the tip on MP3tag, I used tag and rename though - i didnt know the DSF files has tags. Fixed for DSF but 2 more orphaned DFF albums - I will convert it to FLAC as workaround as no way to tag them correctly. Thanks again for the tips!

Better not to convert to flac, you’ll lose the extra goodness. There’s a free editor tool that can convert dff to dsf. It’s called Tascam HiRes Editor.
I used it when I had the same problem. It does one file at a time, but it keeps the full dff quality.

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Thanks very much again - great advises!! Will do that! Cheers!

Had the same problem with one of my DSD albums. I used MP3Tag and found out that the album artwork had a filesize of 1.7MB. Shrinking artwork file to 500kB solved the problem. Volumio seems to have an upper limit (without doing detailed investigation I suspect it is 1MB) for the permitted artwork file size.


  1. Extract cover (I´m using MP3Tag) to the folder containing the audio files.
  2. Remove cover from all DSD file tags (with MP3Tag).
  3. Shrink cover artwork (I use “IrfanView” resize function)
  4. Add shrunk cover to the DSD file tags (with MP3Tag)
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Thanks for this hint, I never knew why some of my SACD backups were having this issue, despite being correctly tagged. It was the huge artwork! Golden hint.