[Solved] What does "turn off" really do

Hi When I choose the option to turn off (not reboot) what exactly does that do and how do I turn it back on?

Do I have to unplug it and plug it back in to start it?


I’m using m3’s version 1.4 for with the wolfson support.


Turn off shuts down the all the services that are used for volumio. It basically triggers a shutdown -h.

This will depend on the device you are using, but on most devices unplug the power so it is completely turned of. Plug back in and it will boot.

I guess you are using a Raspberry Pi (wolfson audio card), so yes unplug or use one of those shutdown buttons, maybe the p6 header works dunno i don’t have p6.

Ok thanks

Use the shutdown option on the Web UI if you can. (Stops the services, the music which is playing …) :wink: