[SOLVED] What am I missing

Hi all. I just installed the server on my rpi2b. I have no trouble accessing it from my main pc but not able to get in via my laptop. Since the laptop is what I want to use to control it I could use some help. I tried changing settings on firewall and sharing etc but still no luck.




if you don’t have Bonjour (Apple’s implementation of zeroconf) installed in your laptop, then you need to enter Volumio’s ip address in the browser.
Bonjour comes with iTunes or Apple’s Safari browser.


My laptop is not mac so it would not have that. I will try entering the ip as you have suggested.

Laptop does not have to be a mac to have bonjour. If you installed itunes on your windows laptop, you got bonjour as well, same counts for safari

:smiley: That worked, thanks :smiley: